provides latest Mobile Phone prices which is confirmed and verified from the local Mobile Market and from different Mobile agents/Dealers across the country. we cannot guarantee 100% accurate and perfect price because there is a continues changes in the taxation policy of Mobile Phone (Both Pakistan made and Imported Mobile Phones ) and also there is a continuous increase in the Dollar rate. So to avoid Mistakes always visit your nearest Mobile shop to confirm the price of Mobile Phone.

Before purchasing a Mobile Phone always familiarize yourself with the rules and regulation of the local Market. In Pakistan always purchase a PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority) approved Mobile Phone. As only PTA Approved Mobile Phones can only be used in Pakistan so always buy PTA Approved Mobiles Phones.

The Mobile Phone prices on are inclusive of taxes therefore there are no other charges applicable on the said prices.

The Prices mentioned on the are the confirmed rates of NEW mobile phones, not valid for old, used or imported mobile phones carry’s NO responsibility for Mobile Phone Theft, loss or Misuse.

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